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Rob Donnell, CEO and founder, decided to leave the big agency world. His vision was to create a company specializing in


In 2004, Brand Arc became Toyota’s Branded Entertainment Agency, and quickly began to redefine the space through a series of industry firsts.

Building off those successes, we have grown into a thriving Branded Entertainment Agency working with clients like AT&T and Genentech expanding our scope of work to include brand building and strategy, creative development and production, enhanced by social media marketing.

We are a one of a kind creative shop with relationships, resources and a track record of doing groundbreaking work. We connect consumer brands and personalities with targeted audiences working across multiple entertainment platforms. We drive engagement and generate measurable results in a world where traditional disruptive advertising continues to lose its effectiveness.

Simply put, our work is about


We like a challenge and pride ourselves on being original. We love nothing more than pushing an idea to its limit.

We are a small, eclectic team of talented experts with backgrounds in advertising, entertainment, marketing, media and production. We all have and continue to develop strong, deep-rooted relationships with producers, studios, agents and distributors to generate exclusive opportunities for our clients.

We know

to amplify theme, tone and character for a brand. We can take a media budget, create high-value marketing assets and deliver effective brand lift, recall and awareness across all media.

This is the world we live in.


We identify, develop and execute storyline integration opportunities that are contextually relevant and generate positive brand equity across all platforms.

& Strategy

We deliver an insight-based approach that provides the foundation for creating emotional bonds with consumers to convey the right message, through the right channel, at the right time.


We create content, from ideation through execution, to successfully deliver engaging brand and consumer experiences.


We specialize in implementing highly effective social campaigns that maximize brand awareness, community connections and engagement across all platforms.

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2013 Communicator Award – Silver Award of Distinction

“Branded Content” – Top Chef Season 9

2013 One Show Entertainment Bronze Pencil Winner

“Television: Program or Series” Modern Family – Toyota

2012 Cristal Festival – Brand Entertainment & Contents Summit – Sapphire Award Winner 

“Best Brand or Product Integration into an Existing TV Show, for Top Chef: Texas & Last Chance Kitchen.”

2012 One Show Entertainment Gold Pencil Winner

“Television Scripted Series – Curb Your Enthusiasm – Toyota Prius”

Three-time winner of
AdAge’s “Five Best Integrations of the Year”


Featured in the Association of National Advertisers’
“Best Practices in Branded Entertainment”


Ten-time winner of “iTVX Featured Placement of the Week”


2008 YouTube Award – “Jamie & Adam NVIDIA viral campaign”


Three 2007 Gold Davey Awards

“Branded Content: Video/Film/Movies – Toyota Hooked Digital Web Series”
“Business to Consumer – Toyota Hooked Digital Web Series”
“Promotional Branding – Toyota Hooked Digital Web Series”

Brand Arc and Brand Arc’s work have been featured in various publications such as the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, NY Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, TV Week, Ad Age, Brandweek and Automotive News. Rob Donnell has also appeared as an expert on branded entertainment on ABC News and Bloomberg TV.



Integrated Transmedia 

Top Chef


Following the success of previous seasons, Toyota and Bravo were determined to enhance the already successful Top Chef marketing partnership. The goal – to further engage audiences and intensify viewer experiences while weaving brand benefits and capabilities through the storytelling.


Extended the platform to create an integrated campaign comprised of multiple touch points for viewers to interact with the brand. Toyota vehicles were interlaced into the reality competition series creating seamless storylines, showcasing key attributes across in-show content, custom promotions, give-a-ways, web drivers, and a groundbreaking web series “Last Chance Kitchen” that uniquely offered eliminated chefs a second chance to compete in branded challenges for a spot in the “Top Chef” finale.


The campaign delivered greater impact, higher engagement and favorable brand recall for Toyota and earned Top Chef the honor of most engaging Reality Show (84%) for the season. Overall, Toyota integrations achieved more than double the brand recall of an average automotive category placement (62% versus 30%, respectively), while the effect on brand opinion was even more pronounced, with integrations achieving 3x the positive shift versus the category norm.   Through online discovery of “Last Chance Kitchen”, 3 million new viewers experienced the series, increasing Brand Favorability by 7%. Ultimately, Toyota reached 22 million viewers and successfully succeeded in engaging consumers on a deeper level.

Branded Entertainment: 
Television – Storyline Integration

Modern Family


Seek out “an intelligent family show” and comedic springboard for Toyota’s Sienna and Prius. Integrate these vehicles as essential characters to the storytelling that pop up frequently throughout the series.


Modern Family was identified before the show’s 2009 launch as the ideal springboard. The comedy hit speaks to viewers across multiple levels through neurotic and lovable characters while effortlessly interlacing Toyota vehicles; the way consumers do in their everyday lives.   Hilarious family interactions and frequent mishaps spotlight the perfect vehicles for not so perfect situations. 


Toyota’s appearances have reached over 700 million viewers and racked up invaluable minutes of screen time, over 8 minutes in season 1 alone. Highly watched episodes have delivered over 17 million viewers and positioned Modern Family to become the #1 scripted television series for brand recall (source: iTVX). The “highly enjoyable” program positively impacts Toyota’s brand values, intensifing recognition, increasing likability and favorability, and delivering significant ROIs (+600%). Vehicles continue to be integrated in spontaneous ways and the brand remains culturally relevant, appearing in a show that people relate to and watch religiously.

Talent Branding

Jamie and Adam


Special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman co-host the hugely successful television series MythBusters, yet they themselves may not be household names. The goal was to establish and brand the talent above and beyond their long-running Discovery Channel show, while benefiting from its epic popularity.


Jamie and Adam had an idea to create and design a live, interactive stage show for their fans using the “MythBuster” model as the jumping off point. They created “Behind The Myths,” a show using science to test the validity of rumors, urban legends, onstage experiments and audience participation. Brand Arc collaborated and helped develop the 31-show tour, sold the event to promoters and established a new online home for the Jamie and Adam brand on Branching off from the Mythbusters social media footprint, we created new social media channels for their brand, which were used to promote the tour through a dedicated social media campaign and  marketing extensions that included their  new partnership with These new channels enabled them to engage with their existing fan base, but also reach like-minded curious folks to create new fans and followers.


The tour was promoted mainly by social media marketing alone, and thirty of the thirty-one shows sold out in their first leg of the tour with 84,371 tickets sold. During March 2013 site’s distribution deal with AOL, which drives incoming visitors to Tested stories from, helped increase and drive traffic with over 1MM monthly uniques and over 9MM monthly page views. The huge success of “Behind the Myths” is still going strong and the tour is entering into its fourth leg and coming to a city near you.

Branded Entertainment: 
Multi-Faceted Marketing Partnership

Warehouse 13


Harness the momentum of Toyota’s creative partnership with SyFy Network to deliver a richer experience for deep diving fans of the popular show “Warehouse 13” and champions of the Toyota Prius.


Using storyline integration as the campaign’s cornerstone, Brand Arc partnered with SyFy to align the Prius c with a series regular creating compelling content and engaging marketing extensions. Toyota’s season-long immersive experience included in-show integrations, co-branded custom vignettes, a 10 chapter visually innovative companion web series, online and social extensions.


The multi-faceted campaign delivered in-show integrations and custom content vignettes that drove stronger brand recall, likability, perceived fit and positive brand opinion versus the auto category norms. In-program, traditional Toyota commercials saw substantial lifts in brand and message recall and likability. “Warehouse 13” social media activity was up 282% and “Grand Designs” the custom web series delivered over 1.5 million streams across platforms. Toyota’s integrations achieved over 27 million exposures across all media platforms, over-delivering entertaining and engaging content to the show’s devoted fan base and admirers of the all-new Prius c.

Branded Entertainment:
Television – Storyline Integration

Curb Your Enthusiasm


Cleverly integrate Toyota into a series that strategically fits brand values, positioning and perception. The opportunity must be culturally relevant in ways that enrich the storytelling and the viewers’ brand experience.


Larry David, creator of “Curb”, is an “accidental” Prius ambassador of sorts. Larry likes Brand Arc and lucky for us, he likes Toyota Prius even more.

Curb Your Enthusiasm was an opportunity to organically showcase the iconic vehicle in truly engaging situations that cut across comedy and embraced an edgy quality and cult following. Ultimately, Prius became an extension of Larry’s character, creating super fans for the brand and for the show.


Since season one, 150 million viewers have seen Prius in Curb and in 2012  Brand Arc received the One Show Entertainment Gold Pencil Award, highest honor for branded work in scripted Television category. Not bad for an “accidental” brand ambassador.

Custom Branded Content Vignette:

Royal Pains


Develop and create custom content to introduce and build awareness of the new Prius v.


Two custom content vignettes that in the tone of the show demonstrate the benefits and features of the all-new Prius v.  Content uses one of the show’s main character to showcase the vehicle.


Vignettes delivered an 815% ROI and a 21% Awareness Bump and 17% Likability bump versus the Toyota commercials that ran in the show.

First Feature Film Co-Promotion
with Pharmaceutical Brand

Happy Feet


Raise awareness and increase education for flu prevention through a feature film co-promotion opportunity.


Produce the first ever co-promotion between a major motion picture studio and a pharmaceutical company. Create co-branded custom video content using characters from the film to raise awareness for flu prevention by directing viewers to the Roche micro site   


Over the course of the film’s promotional window, Roche saw web traffic triple on Film was #1 at the box office for three consecutive weeks and accumulated $385,000,000 in worldwide box office and $150,000,000 in DVD sales.

Original Digital Content



Create an original web series to support the launch of the newest Toyota Tundra, the company’s first full-size pick-up truck and the largest launch in Toyota’s 40-year history in the U.S.


Develop and produce “Hooked”, a series of 15 original webisodes following the lives of the top five anglers of Toyota’s Tundra Bass Fishing Team during their nationwide tour on the annual Bassmaster Classic fishing competition. Deliver on a concept that featured red-blooded Americans engaging in a great American past time, highlighting the truck’s rugged capabilities and seamlessly integrating the trucks in the overall storyline.


“Hooked” series increased awareness with the targeted audience and generated a lot of buzz in the fishing industry.   Content was so entertaining that the series was shown/available on Sports Illustrated VOD. Series delivered added value repurposing several of the episodes as pod busters during ESPN’s outdoor block and won three Gold Davey Awards in Branded Content, Business to Consumer Marketing and Promotional Branding.

Storyline Television Integration



Cleverly introduce the all-new Toyota Yaris prior to the new vehicle’s official release.


Bridging a key target insight of comedy as an emotional connection point, Yaris (attributes, features and benefits) were woven into a series of comedic vignettes on the broadcast comedy sketch show “MadTV”.


Groundbreaking; first ever pre-launch television showcase of a vehicle. Selected as the Association of National Advertisers “Best Practices” and Awarded as a 2006 Ad Age (Madison & Vine) Top Five Integrations Deal, And the content delivered 3 to 1 Return on Investment.

Original Digital Content

Bubblicious Blow-In Tour


Create an original webseries around The Bubblicious Blow-In Tour, a multi city bubble-blowing contest.


Developed a 5 part comedic “surreality-based” web series exploring the little known, often-misunderstood competitive sport of bubble blowing and the young competitors who are chasing victory.  Think “This is Spinal Tap” meets “Best in Show.”


The “Bubblicious Blow-In Tour” webseries helped increase awareness for the brand through the popular web series, which included a dedicated micro site, youtube page and a targeted digital distribution plan.

First Ad-Supported Mobisodes

Prison Break


Extend the storyline of a popular FOX show with additional content, backstories and secondary charters.


“Proof of Innocence” was a collaboration between the producers and the brand to create the first ever ad supported mobile episodic series available exclusively to Sprint Mobile subscribers. Twenty-six, 2-minute episodes followed a parallel story line set in the “Prison Break” world.   


Most successful streaming mobile series with nearly one million unique viewers.

Talent Branding

Brian Worley


With over a decade of experience, Brian Worley is a go-to resource for cutting-edge takes on event planning, celebrity weddings, green and eco-friendly entertaining, food, style, design and more.


Created an extensive social community for Brian. Monitored, managed and engaged with on a daily basis. The community includes a blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter presence, Pinterest Page and a Google+ presence.


Brian’s blog, “Extraordinary Experiences”, quickly generated an audience of 2,683 loyal subscribers to date. Brand Arc has posted 240 blog posts to date, which have garnered over 940 comments. The blog was selected out of 428,954 other bloggers, and over 1,192,154 new blog posts, to be featured on WordPress’s prestigious Homepage called “Freshly Pressed”, not once, but TWO times this year. Currently, his blog averages 2,500 views per day. Combined with his ever growing following from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, Brian’s social presence has gone from non-existent to a KLOUT score of +53.

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