Branded Content Trendier Than Ever for 2016-17 Season

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There will be more branded content opportunities for advertisers then ever before at this year’s NewFronts and UpFronts. Take for example, Crackle’s new advertising offering, which reduces ad loads for its originals to just five per episode and limits each series to the same five advertisers. These new ad pods aim to give brands the opportunity to tell stories across multiple episodes.

©2016/Bella Bronson/NBC

©2016/Bella Bronson/NBC

NBC also announced plans to cut about 30% of ads out of “SNL” next season, in order to give advertisers the opportunity to partner with the sketch comedy show to create original branded content.

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Network Groups like Viacom and Turner are also working to reduce the number of commercial minutes in prime time by partnering with a limited number of advertisers to create branded content to air during their original series.

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We’re excited to be a part of this exciting time for branded content, when more and more networks (both linear and streaming) are offering up interesting, DVR-proof opportunities for brands to seamlessly weave their messaging into content without turning off viewers.

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