Burger King Serves Up Contextually Relevant Advertising with Anti-Pre-Roll, Pre-Roll Ads

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You know the drill: It’s the middle of your work day and you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, so you log on to YouTube to watch the funny video your co-worker told you about but before you can LOL at said video, you’re forced to endure another soul-sucking pre-roll ad. So you do what everyone does, groan, roll your eyes, and wait for your video to begin.

So when we heard about Burger King’s pre-roll ad campaign (watch above) acknowledging how much everyone hates pre-roll ads with 64 customized ads that mention the video they’re delaying, we were impressed.

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This is a great example of using branded content to soften the blow, if you will, of traditionally disruptive advertising. It’s all about context. In this instance, Burger King hit a home run by creating pre-roll ads that are more engaging for their target consumer because the ads were created in the context of the entertainment that those consumers were actively seeking out.

This clever campaign was created by Colenso BBDO and produced by Flying FishY&R handled media.

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