Digital Hollywood, Variety, and Advertising Age’s 2012 Conferences: What We Learned

Last week, we got out of the office to meet and talk with forward-thinking industry luminaries about the future of branded entertainment, content distribution and social television.

Our first stop was the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey for both Digital Hollywood’s Content Summit and the Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit. Many of the panels we were able to attend focused on emerging forms of content distribution and new ways of promoting content through social media. One of our many “take-aways”, was the idea that in order to create a successful social campaign, the content (especially if it’s being used to reward actively social viewers) must be as alluring as it is attainable. Remember, when people care, they share!

Check out this footage of our very own Rob Donnell, during his panel on the “Future of Enhanced Advertising”:

Wednesday, we attended Ad Age’s Social Engagement/Social TV Conference at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where the day’s various presentations mainly focused on the importance of engaging both first and second screen viewers. According to many of the speakers, about 60% of viewers are consuming content either on a mobile device or with a mobile device (AKA second screen) open, which means engagement can (and should) take place before, during, and after these viewers are consuming your content, regardless of where it airs.

You can see our photos from each of these informational and entertaining events in the slideshow below:

Let us know if you were at any of these conferences in the comment section below.

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