The Next Big Things in Branded Content: Virtual Reality & 360-Degree Video


As technology continues to develop and evolve, marketers are being presented with more and more branded content opportunities. Virtual Reality is the current hot offering, with marketeers more excited than ever about the storytelling potential of its consciousness encompassing format.

merrell-trailscape-964x644 2

Already, brands like Merrell have used VR to create their own outdoor adventure landscape, HBO staged an exploration of Westeros from its hit show the Game of Thrones, and Red Bull showed people what it’s like to be one of their daredevil pilots.

fans-try-out-the-red-bull-air-race-simulator 2

There were also plenty of branded VR opportunities being shopped at this year’s Cannes Lions festival, according to this recent article in The Wall Street Journal. Publishers like the New York Times even took home awards for their NYT VR efforts.

Much like VR, marketers seem equally excited about the creative potential of 360-degree video, which offers viewers the chance to choose their own visual path, thereby allowing the content to have more of an emotional impact. If you’re not familiar with the format, watch the video above created by Google’s experimental filmmaking studio, Spotlight Stories



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